GTA Online Gets a Big Oct Update – Podium Car, Double RP Events and Great Sale

Grand Theft Auto Online

Playing GTA 5, the multiplayer version of GTA Online is an experience in itself because the developers at Rockstar wouldn’t stop supporting it.

While titles like Call of Duty Modern Warfare is at the end of its season pass, things are completely different for Grand Theft Auto fans. There is a double RP event going on right now combined with some great discounts on so many cars, properties in the virtual world.

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As announced earlier, the team has come up with some great things to look forward to as part of the weekly update for GTA Online. The Podium car is the highlight of the season and even in the month of October in 2020, the team is working to make the game as new as it could look. Players who manage to have the car will be able to use the lottery and possibly win the Diamond Casino or Resort when they spin the lucky wheel. It is located in the Diamond Casino if you really want to visit and make use of this limited season special.

GTA Online

The entire experience of GTA Online in GTA 5 is dependent on the online world because players spend a lot of time buying properties, cars and boats. They could lead a virtual life and it has been further boosted with the help of online sales during this month of October. If you have earned a lot by completing missions and some of the risky heists, this is probably the best time to go on a spending spree. The team has announced some great discounts on the Podium Car Brawler and you will also be able to earn more virtual currency and XP by participating in races.

Double Dollar Activities

The fun part when it comes to double XP events is the fact that you can enjoy playing some great games. The Stunt Races are worth the time because you will be competing directly with players in real time. A similar Adversary Modes in Diamond Casino will also be conducted in which players can take part and share their skills to win competitive stuff. The special vehicle work is another way to earn double the money every time you manage to win.

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A detailed pricing of all the popular cars and properties can be found in-game. You can also choose to browse dedicated GTA 5 and GTA Online communities to help you out with your purchase decision.

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