Google Pixel 2 to Forego Headphone Jack, Will This be a Dealbreaker?

Google Pixel 2

Google’s next gen Pixel 2 will probably forego the headphone jack feature.

This will mean that it is a divergence from the present Google Pixel devices. Google had touted the inclusion of the headphone jack as a significant feature, when compared with the latest iPhone 7 features.

Google Pixel

Removal of Jack

The rumor comes after an internal document of the company was seen through 9to5Google, but the information comes from only one source and there is no confirmation about it. Another news came some months back that Google was testing several models for the Pixel 2 coming with different chipsets, with some having the Snapdragon 83X chipset and some other coming with the Intel chipsets. However, at the time, there was no mention of the device foregoing the headphone jack. It is plausible that Google has not made any decision regarding the feature as yet.

Waterproofing Features

Another report coming in was that the next gen Pixel 2 would come with waterproofing features. In addition, Google would be keeping the camera as the main focal point for its Pixel 2 devices. According to the tipster, the camera of the Pixel 2 would not be large as far as the MP size was concerned, but it would be compensated with additional features.

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Bold Move

The elimination of the headphone jack will be a big move for Google, as many other Android phone manufacturers, such as Samsung, have not foregone it yet as can be seen with the Samsung Galaxy S8. This is despite the fact that Apple has done away with the headphone jack with its iPhone 7 smartphones. However, if Google does remove the headphone jack, it would seem strange, as the company had touted the keeping of the headphone jack during the ads of the original Google Pixel.

Dealbreaker or Not

However, the question now is whether the elimination of the headphone jack for the Pixel 2 might be a dealbreaker. Elimination of headphone jacks is being seen as the latest trend in flagship smartphones. One of the first manufacturers removing the headphone jack is Lenovo with the Moto Z and the Moto Z Force. Many techies were surprised and even saddened, when the news came in that Apple would be removing the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus devices.

Google Pixel 2

Google had also obviously mocked at Apple for the elimination, while unveiling its original Pixel devices last year. In fact, Google had used the availability of wired headphones as a major selling point. However, it seems that Google has now decided to join Apple and give up the headphone jack as well. It remains to be seen whether users will be ready to buy the next generation of Google Pixel devices, the Pixel 2, without the headphone jack, or will it be a deal breaker.

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