Samsung Internet Browser Beta Version Now Live, Compatible with Galaxy and Nexus Phones

Samsung browser

Samsung released the beta version of its Internet browser, offering compatibility with some of its own devices as well as Nexus and Google Pixel smartphones.

Samsung has always offered its own applications, namely the Samsung calendar, email app and even its own application store.

Samsung browser

Samsung Apps

Some of the Samsung Apps have remained functional even today, with one of them being the Samsung browser. The beta version of this browser has just been released and it is compatible with some Samsung devices as well as with the Nexus and Pixel phones.

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Beta Version

Those owning a Nexus phone or a Pixel smartphone can try out the newly released, beta version of the Samsung browser. The user can download the beta app freely from the Play Store. According to a statement from Samsung, the Galaxy devices as well as Nexus phones coming with Android 5.0 version are supported smartphones. It does not specifically mention the Pixel devices, but the Samsung browser runs perfectly well on Pixel smartphones as well.

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Additional Features

The beta version of the Samsung browser also offers some more new features that were not seen in the earlier stable version. For one, there is a new indication in case of Progressive Web Applications. There is also a QR code reader that is integrated in the browser, almost similar to Chrome. The Physical Web support offers support for Payment Requests API. This will help users to make an online transaction with the help of Samsung Pay integrated in the browser.

Entertainment Features

As far as entertainment features are concerned, the new beta version of the Samsung browser offers viewing of 360 degrees video without the use of a VR device. There is also a pop up player, which can be compared to the iOS Picture in Picture mode. For budget conscious shoppers, there is a feature where they can compare the prices with Amazon prices, while doing online shopping.

Downloading Version

This beta version of the Samsung browser is based on the Chromium 51. It is possible that users might not be able to download the browser directly from their phone Play Store app, especially in some locations. There is an APK file available in some websites and the browser can be downloaded from there if you are curious about the new browser and want to try it out.

Chrome for Android

Compared to Chrome for Android

Samsung’s home cooked browser is an app for mobile phones and is now available in Google Play Store. The step is the first one taken by the company, whereby it makes its browser available to phones manufactured by other companies. Users installing the beta version of the browser will get an early access to the new features that are added by developers. However, not all smartphones are compatible with the new browser. It will certainly work on all Samsung phones and Android phones that run on Android Lollipop or 5.0 version and above. Though there are not many advantages that the browser has over the Google equivalent, it does have some features that are not present on Chrome app for Android.

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