Gotham Knights Launches New Update Designed For Consoles and PC

Gotham Knights

WB Games Montreal has launched a new Gotham Knights update for players who like to play the game on consoles and PC.

WB Games Montreal has launched a new update for Gotham Knights that will be accessible to PC and console players.

This update has been designed to resolve many of the technical issues that have been plaguing the game for a long time. Players have been advised to install this particular update to avail of the features that had initially been designed for the launch of the game.

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Gotham Knights happens to be the second game revolving around DC Comics that has been put together by WB Games Montreal. The first DC Comics game developed by the company was Batman: Arkham Origins which came out in the year 2013. In the game, one witnesses Gotham City suffering gravely as Commissioner James Gordon and Batman are no longer around to protect it.

In the game, players act as Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl and Red Hood and do their bit to protect the city from evil forces. While there are many villainous characters in the game, the most dangerous of the lot is the Court of Owls. While some players have enjoyed playing Gotham Knights, many have pointed out the presence of technical issues in the game. Several narrative problems have also affected the gameplay significantly. This recently launched update, hopefully, will resolve most of the issues that plague the game.

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WB Games Montreal made a proper announcement about a new Gotham Knights update being live. It also confirmed that this update would come armed with several controller-based features designed for the console version. On the PC version, the update will resolve several technical glitches.

PlayStation 5 players will get to use some of the interesting Dual Sense features like adaptive triggers and haptic feedback while trying out the game. The update also makes necessary adjustments to the controller rumbler support for the Xbox Series X I S and PlayStation 5. Once console players get the update installed, they will get a more precise feeling while using the rumbling features with the help of their controllers.

The Gotham Knights update’s primary goal is to fix several glitches pertaining to the PC version that were resulting in sound effects going missing, games suffering from a crash and problems in the user interface. Players have also received a useful GPU driver check option now.

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