Overwatch 2 Dating Sim Becomes Available For Players

Overwatch 2 Dating sim

Activision Blizzard has finally introduced the Overwatch 2 dating sim that enables players to engage in a romantic relationship with Genji and Mercy.

Activision Blizzard just launched the much talked about Overwatch 2 dating sim Loverwatch – Love Never Dies which is accessible for all players.

Though the Overwatch franchise is not known to indulge in anything during Valentine’s Day, they seemed to have been in the mood to do something different today. Overwatch 2 has hosted an Ultimate Valentine’s Day event to make the occasion special for the fans.

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The Ultimate Valentine’s Day event by Overwatch 2 will be live till February 28. Players, during the course of this event, will get the opportunity to try out the newly introduced Team Deathmatch mode which is referred to as the Love of Geometry. Here, Cupid Hanzos will fight it out with the Scatter Arrow ability of the player. While the Love of Geometry event will be live for a limited period of time, one has the option of buying the skins from the official shop.

The Love of Geometry game mode is one of the most prominent elements being added to Overwatch 2 for the Valentine Day’s event. However, the dating sim, too, is bound to receive a lot of attention. By using this dating sim, players can try their luck at romancing Mercy or Genji. Those who decide to try the dating sim will also get the opportunity to win some lucrative rewards in the long run.

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One thing, however, that players would want some clarity on is why the Overwatch 2 dating sim has not been made available as an in-game property. Despite this limitation, one expects it to be lapped up by a large number of players. In the near future, Overwatch 2 might make it available in-game as well.

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