Grand Theft Auto 5 Exploit Results in Accounts of Players Getting Soft-Locked


While GTA 5 players are quite jilted by their accounts getting locked, Rockstar Games has assured them about the issue getting resolved soon.

Recently, an exploit on Grand Theft Auto 5 resulted in players’ accounts getting locked.

Naturally, a large number of player got affected by this and shared their grievance on different communities and platforms. Rockstar Games acknowledged this issue and responded to the players by stating that it is working towards resolving this issue. It also shared that it will release a new title update for GTA Online.

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The remote code execution exploit or RCE was discovered last week and enabled cheaters to corrupt and manipulate the accounts of players. If a player was targeted by this exploit, they would get permanently trapped in the loading screen of Grand Theft Auto.

The presence of RCEs has been a long-standing issue with several popular multiplayer games including Dark Souls. The PvP servers of Dark Souls, in fact, remained inactive for several issues because of this problem. Many gamers are of the opinion that implementing a firewall rule will greatly help in combating this issue.

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While Rockstar Games are trying to resolve this issue, it has also implored gamers to take some time off the game. Those who are aware of RCE exploits or have been at the receiving end of them know how dangerous they can be. Even if a hacker is based in a foreign country, they can cause irreversible damage to the PC of the player conveniently.

By posting a Tweet from its official account, Rockstar Games gave players assurance of the fact that it has taken note of this particular Grand Theft Auto 5 exploit and is putting together a title update to deal with security issues. It also advised players to visit the support page of the studio if they come across more issues. Though Rockstar hasn’t confirmed when the title update, it should be out soon.

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