GTA 6: Major Issue With GTA Online Could Be Resolved With The Arrival of the Much-Awaited Game

GTA Online Solo Money Glitch

While GTA Online’s popularity remains unaffected, an issue with the game could be driven away with the launch of GTA 6.

Grand Theft Auto Online, launched almost a decade ago, continues to be one of the most popular games in the online space.

While the player base for the game has grown at a very good pace over the years, there is an issue with it that bothers players a lot. Now, if Grand Theft Auto 6 takes some effective steps towards updating the game, this issue might just be gone for good.

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One of the most appealing features of GTA Online is that it gives players the opportunity to put together characters and adventure-based activities as per their preference. Apart from fighting dreaded gangsters and collecting highly desirable vehicles, the game also gives players the chance to indulge in several high-adrenaline activities across the different parts of the city.

Many important updates like the Los Santos Drug Wars update have made a bunch of exciting vehicles and outfits more accessible for the players. Customization options, too, have been updated regularly. All these factors have played an important role in keeping GTA Online relevant all these years.

GTA new character

When you play GTA Online and explore the various facets of character creation in it, ‘heritage mechanic’ is one of the elements you will come across. GTA Online implores the player to choose from the characteristics of two parents and put together a character based on them. Since you get a wide variety of options with both the father and the mother, there is a lot you can do with the base look of the player. Before a player gets to launch their criminal enterprises, they are required to explore the heritage options to put together a well-defined character.

While the heritage system is immensely popular, it has its own set of issues as well. Whenever parents are changed, the base design, too, undergoes a significant change. Because of this, the overall look of a character could be vastly different from how the player had envisioned them. For many players, the heritage system works as an unnecessary hindrance towards building up a character in a particular way. The heritage system is one of those things that get discussed whenever talks about a GTA Online remake come to the fore.

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Red Dead Online is actually one of the best games to be referenced when somebody wants to study the process of creating a character. It makes the process very smooth by providing players with a wide selection of items like base faces along with multiple skin tones. Though the selection could be a little more elaborate, it is definitely far more well-structured than the heritage system.

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