Grand Theft Auto 6: New Leak Offers a Glimpse of Unique Vehicle System

GTA 6 leak

GTA 6 might feature some vehicles with unique characteristics that have never been seen in the game!

A new leak, which has come from @Matheusbr9895_ and involves Grand Theft Auto 6, points towards the game offering players a lot of personalization options in the category of vehicles. While it is just a rumor at this point in time, the leaker has stated that every vehicle in GTA 6 will “have a life of its own”.

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In the past, @Matheusbr9895_ has come up with a plethora of leaks and rumors pertaining to the game. While some of those rumors got the players curious, many fizzled out after a while. Once the game releases, one would be able to determine the extent to which @Matheusbr9895_ was accurate with their leaks and rumors.

According to the leaker, GTA 6 will offer a lot of things for players who look forward to the vehicles in the franchise. The developing team, as per @Matheusbr9895_, will be offering a bunch of inherent tools that will ensure that each vehicle has its distinctive identity.

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Though @Matheusbr9895_ hasn’t directly mentioned GTA 6, those who go through their tweets wouldn’t take long to guess the game that is being referred to here. The thought of Rockstar creating a set of tools to give players the chance to personalize vehicles in the game is extremely exciting. If this piece of information turns out to be true, the game would attract car-loving players in hoards.

The leaker further stated that each of the many vehicles in the game shall have its own history, behavior and the kind of character that will lend it an individualistic identity. Many of the features present in a particular vehicle, according to the leaker, will not be found in any other vehicle.

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