GTA 5 To Feature an Important San Andreas Story Expansion

San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto 5 is all set to get a major San Andreas Story Expansion.

Though Rockstar Games is deeply involved in the development process of GTA 6, it still does things to make GTA 5, one of its most successful properties, better for fans!

Last year, Grand Theft Auto 5 was declared the second highest-selling game of all time. Ever since the game was launched in the year 2013, Rockstar put a lot of effort into improving it with time. Over the years, the gaming publisher added several elements to the game which made it highly appealing for fans of all age groups.

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Most of Rockstar’s current energies are channelized towards developing GTA 6 and getting it ready on time. At the moment, nobody is sure as to when GTA 6 will release but the anticipation for the game keeps growing with every passing day. Despite GTA 6 taking up most of Rockstar’s time and energy, the gaming company hasn’t lost sight of GTA 5. Until GTA 6 arrives, one can expect the fan base for GTA 5 to keep growing. Therefore, Rockstar continues to make efforts to make GTA 5 more interesting for players.

GTA Online: San Andreas Mercenaries is scheduled to be released on June 13. This particular expansion, which would be made available for free, will lead players towards forming teams and as Los Santos Angels and put up a fight against the Merryweather Security. Players will get the opportunity to participate in multiple missions which would involve them stealing important data from server farms, carrying out raids and launching explosive payloads in different regions across the state.

Rockstar Games has also assured players that it will provide them with spontaneous opportunities that will enable them to earn money and stake their claim on a bunch of new items. To win cash or rewards, players will be required to take down moving targets and participate in making something out of random events.

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Players can also look forward to a bunch of improvements and fixes that were being requested by the community for a long time and are now finally being implemented. These additions and modifications will reflect in the game from June 13.

While making a call to Mors Mutual Insurance, players will get to claim all the vehicles that have been damaged or destroyed in one go. In the Settings Menu, players can look forward to a new option being added in the form of an alternate sprint control option. They will also get access to custom description tags that will help them trace their favorite vehicles kept in the garage quickly.

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