GTA Online: San Andreas Mercenaries Update Will Mark The Arrival of a New Feature

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GTA Online players can look forward to the launch of a new feature in the game in the form of Career Progress!

On June 13, the San Andreas Mercenaries update will be rolled out to Grand Theft Auto Online. This particular update will introduce several new elements in the game including a new feature called Career Progress.

When Rockstar Games made an official announcement about the summer update, it stated that a bunch of gameplay tweaks will be implemented in the game and they will play an important role in making the game more interesting for the players. In a newly published Newswire post, Rockstar has listed the new features and improvement that will be rolled out to the game.

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One of these new features will be Career Progress which will make it more convenient for players to know about their progress in the criminal empire. Before the feature is officially launched, players should have some information about how to access it and the platforms it will be available on.

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Career Progress, among other things, offer a look at the progression of the player in the game. Through this feature, players will get detailed information about the illegal businesses like GTA Online MC Businesses and acid Lab they have ownership of. One has come across such features in some of the recently released games as well.

The developer has confirmed that one would be able to access this feature from Main Menu and Pause Menu in the game. This will ensure that players of all kinds, regardless of their experience, will have access to all the relevant information pertaining to their in-game activities. The San Andreas Mercenaries update, therefore, should prove to be very important for GTA Online players.

Players using new-generation consoles like the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 will be able to access Career Progress as soon as the new update goes live. This feature, in a lot of ways, is similar to Career Builder, a feature that was made exclusive available on GTA 5 Expanded and Enhanced. This feature helped new players set up a criminal empire for themselves in the game.

Apart from Career Progress, GTA Online players can look forward to a bunch of important fixes and improvements made to the game as a part of the new update. Once the update releases, players will also get the chance to reclaim vehicles that ended up being destroyed or damaged during Contact Missions. Mors Mutual Insurance will get this done at zero cost.

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Another feature titled Register as Boss will work towards combining the Register that already exists as VIP/CEO with the options provided under Motorcycle Club Resident. Many rank requirements for Body Armors and Daily Objectives will not be a part of the game anymore. As far as the Madrazo Dispatch missions are concerned, they can be launched with just one player participating. Some of the vehicles, that are not found to be desirable by the players, will be delisted from the websites.

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