Grand Theft Auto 5: Here Are The Changes Brought To The Game By Update 1.56


Rockstar Games makes it a point to update the nine-year old Grand Theft Auto 5 regularly.

Apart from introducing updates, the gaming publisher also keeps a tab on the bugs affecting the game and takes necessary steps to eliminate them. A couple of days ago, Rockstar rolled out an update that has brought in some major changes to the game as released on the next-gen consoles.

GTA 5 Update 1.56

One of the many wonderful things introduced by Update 1.56 is the option of using the motion blur effect in the next-gen console editions of GTA 5. If you happen to play the game on Xbox or PlayStation, you should look for the ‘motion blur’ slider in the options menu. This option will now enable players to add, customize or remove motion blur. The inclusion of this option will contribute greatly towards helping players in getting their gameplay experience customized.

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As one could guess from the name, the motion blur feature would help a player blur the surroundings they are in when they move around at a very high speed. Now, the experience of driving fast cars in the game would be far more immersive for the players.

Some of the changes that have been introduced courtesy this update might seem trivial to some players but when they use it, they will realize how important they are. The decrease in loading time is one such feature. The wait for a screen to load would be much shorter now. This particular update will have a noticeable effect on GTA Online matchmaking and Story Mode.

In Story Mode, the process of switching characters has become much faster. You will also find the process of moving from Story Mode to GTA Online much more convenient. You can transition to the game’s multiplayer option with a lot more ease now.

The update has also brought solutions for many of the issues players were facing in the game’s Xbox console version. Many of the audio bugs, for instance, have been done away with. After opening the Xbox guide, players would encounter certain audio-related issues which have been resolved now. There was another bug that resulted in a player losing his radio. That bug has also been fixed.

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In the PlayStation 5 version, there was an issue with the vehicles. The adaptive trigger feedback was found to be too strong when one took the GrottiTurismoClassic, which was upgraded by Hao’s Special Works, for a spin. Now, when you play the game on PlayStation 5, you won’t come across this issue.

There was also a major issue with some of the GTA Online Players facing a permanent ban. After the introduction of Update 1.56, this problem has been resolved. Players, who were banned by mistake, have received their accounts back. Players, who were not able to save their activity in GTA Online, will now get to save it normally. Another bug resulted in players having to face a blank screen for a long period of time during the process of moving a character to a next-generation console. The new update has also got this issue fixed.

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