GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition Will Not Be Available On Xbox Game Pass Soon

GTA The Triology

November 2021 was when the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition was launched. As soon as it was released, it made its way to PlayStation Now and Xbox Game Pass.

Though Game Pass had only San Andreas Definitive Edition, PlayStation featured all the three games as a package. Also, PC users, who had an Xbox Game Pass, could not play the game as it was released exclusively on console at the time of its launch.

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The mobile app of Game Pass features a section called ‘Leaving Soon’ that comprises games that one cannot play using the Game Pass. In this particular section of the mobile app, the San Andreas Definitive Edition was featured recently.

The fact that GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition has been included in the ‘Leaving Soon’ section has come as a surprise to many. In November 2021, the game was available on the Xbox Game Pass. Therefore, it is quite shocking to see it leaving the service so early.

However, if you have a look at the recent history of Rockstar Games, you will realize this was not a very odd activity on their part. On the same platform, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto 5 remained for just about three months.

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A lot of players are quite disappointed with this move as San Andreas is one of the most popular games in this series. Gamers, who got hooked to this series because of the ‘100% completion medal’, shall have to spend a lot many hours in the game to win it. As per our estimation, it will take close to 60 hours for one to collect all the rewards and trophies in the game.

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