Halo Infinite Fans Wish For The Inclusion Of Halo 4 Helmet Feature

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Halo Infinite fans never refrain from talking about things in the sci-fi shooter game that need to be improved.

Ever since Halo Infinite was released, patches and different kinds of changes have been introduced at regular intervals in the game. Players have often spoken about the need to rebalance the different weapons in the multiplayer version of Halo Infinite. The multiplayer version has been in the news for several wrong reasons in the recent past. A large number of players have complained about the presence of bugs and glitches in the game.

Recently, a fan stated that there is a particular detailing in Halo 4 that should be incorporated in the helmets seen in Halo Infinite. Sharing a screenshot on Reddit, the fan stated that fans can see the border of the helmet worn by Master Chief in Halo 4. This particular detail, the player believes, helps one in getting a glimpse of the thought process of this prominent character.

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In the comment section of user hantar7788, several points brought to light the fact that this particular helmet had featured in a bunch of popular games apart from Halo 4. Certain portions of SamusAran’shelmet in Metroid Prime were seen in the UHD of the game. During this time, it was asserted that some of the developers of Metroid Prime had also worked on Halo 4.

One thing I liked abou Halo 4 was the fact I could see part of the helmet interior…it felt more immersive…I would like infinite to add an option to have this turned on or off in the future from halo

Players also had a discussion about DOOM and DOOM Eternal as these were games that enabled players to see portions of the helmet the protagonist sported. Star Wars: Republic Commando gave players the opportunity to see blood platters every time they obliterated an enemy. This was an important ‘immersive feature’ in the game.

While Halo Infinite features a large number of helmets that players can flaunt, they can only witness the exterior portion of these helmets changing. Players would, undoubtedly, be hugely delighted if the internal features of the helmet could be seen and altered.

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In recent times, helmets have emerged as a controversial entity in these games. A while back, fans were surprised to witness Master Chief getting his helmet removed in the Halo TV series. In the next episode, the audience saw Master Chief remove his entire armor. The team, which works on the TV series, has tried to explain the reason behind this but fans are not convinced with the reasons they have put across.

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