GTA 6 Fans Get Excited By New Tease of the Much Awaited Game

GTA 6 concept maps

Just like any other information that is connected to GTA 6, a new tease of the game has created a ripple in the gaming community.

A newly emerged tease of Grand Theft Auto 6 has caught the attention of fans who had been eagerly waiting for the game. This particular tease has led a lot of fans to believe that Rockstar Games would reveal the game soon. This tease has come through Hip Hop Gamer, a well-known content creator and video game journalist.

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Hip Hop Gamer, through a tweet, stated that the much awaited game shall be a “forever moment to remember”. Another phrase which the content creator used here is “oh man its over”. He also thanked the gaming publisher. Since he shared a picture of himself with Take-Two Interactive CEO, one can assume that he thanked Rockstar Games for giving some access to him.

The tweet, along with the picture, has given fans an impression that he has either been shown glimpses of it or given some important information pertaining to it. A lot of fans are now of the opinion that Hip Hop Gamer is somebody who can be trusted with sharing authentic information related to GTA 6.

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Many fans have pointed out that Rockstar would have got Hip Hop Gamer to sign an NDA if they shared some details about GTA 6. By tweeting about the game, fans stated, he would be violating the NDA and this could result in him getting into some serious legal trouble. No sensible person, therefore, can be expected to do something of this sort.

Different groups of fans have responded differently to the tweet. Some fans believe that he might be a part of the GTA 6 team. Since, he has worked extensively in radio, there is a possibility of him hosting a radio show in the game.

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