GTA 6 Leak Might Have Revealed Weapons To Be Included In The Game


With the latest GTA 6 leak, the fans who had been curious about the weapons that would be a part of GTA 6 might have some interesting information to ponder upon!

There’s always some GTA 6 leak or the other doing the rounds. Some of the video leaks which came to the fore in the past offered some idea about the kind of weapons one would get to see in Grand Theft Auto 6. However, it’s been a while since we stumbled upon that information and one is not sure whether it is relevant anymore. Many gaming insiders and experts are of the opinion that the recent leaks draw an accurate picture of the kind of weaponry one would stumble upon in GTA 6.

As things stand, insiders are trying to put together information generated from the leaks and trying to make a list of all the weapons that are expected to feature in GTA 6. From the information one has received so far, the weapons that will be a part of the game are baseball bat, speargun, assault rifle, pistol, polymer pistol, compact submachine gun, Molotov, RPG, fists, crowbar, knife, grenade, smoke grenade, flashbang, bolt action sniper and pool cue.

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Some of the other non-weaponry but important items that one expects to find in the game are auto dialer, wine, soda, trauma kit, lot bag, zip ties, fruit, golf wedge, golf balls, slim jim, immobilizer bypass, tracker jammer, torch flashlight, USB drive and lockpick.

In the past, many of the GTA games featured beta content that didn’t end up becoming a part of the released game. GTA Vice City, for instance, didn’t get the Land Mine or AK-47 that was a part of its beta content.

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Leakers have also compiled a bunch of other information that players might find useful. While the Weapon Wheel will be back in the game flaunting a new design, Jason and Lucia will be entitled to separate inventories. The game might also feature underwater shooting. Regardless of the weapon the protagonist could be using, assault rifles would be on their back. Though not confirmed, there is a strong possibility of GTA 6 being set in the Vice City.

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