Grand Theft Auto 6 Fans Want Single-Player DLC To Be a Part of The Game


Those who appreciated the presence of a single-player DLC in GTA 4 wish for it to stage a comeback with GTA 6.

Though Rockstar Games has refrained from sharing anything important about the next iteration in the GTA series, fans have not stopped themselves from talking about all the expectations they have from the game. With time, fans’ wishlist seems to be increasing and it would be interesting to see the extent to which Grand Theft Auto 6 matches up to the expectations fans have of it.

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Recently, the GTA community celebrated the occasion of GTA 4 completing 15 years of its release. Fans remember GTA 4 for a variety of great things it offered including well-fleshed-out characters, a sharp depiction of Liberty City, gripping storyline, an exciting combat system and the way it depicted interpersonal relationships. The game also stood out for its single-player DLC which, for some reason, was not included in GTA 5. Now, fans want it to be a part of GTA 6.

Back in the day, GTA 4 had launched two DLC packs, The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost & Damned. These two DLCs struck a chord with the players because of featuring nicely constructed stories that were also very engaging. Though Rockstar had plans to introduce DLCs in GTA 5, these plans could not be eventually realized.

On Reddit and other social media platforms, fans shared their thoughts on the kind of DLCs they would like to see in GTA 6. One of the fans stated that it would be nice to see Jason and Lucia getting their own independent stories. Many fans have also put forward a request for a DLC to be added to story mode.

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It would be interesting to see if Rockstar makes a note of these requests and decides to incorporate DLCs in GTA 6. If the gaming publisher has any such plans, one can expect it to speak about them once GTA 6 is revealed officially. If DLCs are actually introduced in GTA 6, it would definitely make GTA 4 fans happy.

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