The Sims 4: New Leak Suggests The Possibility of Another Expansion Being Introduced In The Game Soon

The Sims 4

A new expansion pack, that is expected to arrive in The Sims 4 soon, could mark the return of a popular feature that one came across in The Sims 3.

At the moment, Sims fans are keenly awaiting the arrival of Project Rene. However, before it comes around, Electronic Arts seems to have a lot of things planned out for The Sims 4. Though two new kits were introduced in the game a while back, the overall pace at which fresh content was being rolled out to the game has slowed down. This was not the case till a few years back when content was being introduced at regular intervals in the game.

While Maxis is busy with the development process of the next game in the franchise, it continues to make an effort towards making The Sims 4 better and more interesting for players. One has witnessed the release of 12 game packs and 13 expansions in the game so far. This would make fans believe that the game has passed the stage where one could expect it to throw some surprises. Most fans thought that Growing Together would end up being the last expansion to be introduced in The Sims 4. However, there was a scope to build something that would revolve around animals or pets.

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As per the reports published on multiple platforms, the soon-to-be-launched expansion designed for The Sims 4 shall feature an equestrian spin. This content update, which seems to have been titled Horse Ranch, will give Sims players the opportunity to create horses and play with them. Though the leak doesn’t confirm this, there is a strong possibility of the horses acting similarly to dogs and cats in The Sims 4. They are treated as household members and boast several unique traits.

Sims 4 horse ranch

Players, who have regularly followed the game’s community forums, have known about Electronic Arts teasing a new content pack revolving around horses in the last couple of months. Once Horse Ranch is officially released, players can look forward to a lot of interesting content being added to The Sims 4. Apart from a new map, there will be a bunch of clothes furniture items and other accessories that players would have access to.

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At $39.99, the price of the new expansion is on the higher side. However, the players should like and enjoy all that it offers them. In the past, The Sims 4 has come under a lot of criticism because of the high pricing of its DLCs. While monetizing Project Rene, players are hoping that The Sims 4 would follow an approach that would work for most players.

A lot of players are of the opinion that a Battle Pass system would work very well for The Sims 5. While the game boasts of a huge player base, new players have started finding the game to be a little inaccessible owing to the prices at which the DLCs and other items are being sold. One way to address this issue is, perhaps, following a live service model that has proved to be highly beneficial for many titles. If the game continues to remain inaccessible, its player base will shrink over a period of time.

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