GTA 6 Leaker Claims Vice City Will Not Be The Only City In The Game

GTA 6 Leak

While there have been several reports suggesting GTA 6 to be set in Vice City, a GTA 6 leaker has now claimed that players will get to see another city when the game is released!

Even though Rockstar has not shared the first look of Grand Theft Auto 6 yet, it has become one of the most hyped-up games of all time. One of the reasons behind it, of course, is the fact that the earlier games to have been released in the franchise have tasted extraordinary success. While GTA 5 has emerged as one of the most successful games in gaming history, the other GTA games too have been very popular with gamers.

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Since Rockstar has decided not to share any detail about GTA 6 for some time, fans have gone overboard discussing what the game could offer. Fans have their own expectations from the game and are waiting to find out which of those expectations get eventually fulfilled. While some fans want GTA 6 to come up with certain elements that would leave everybody surprised, there are many who are hopeful about it retaining the flavor of some of the older GTA games.

The gameplay leaks which came to the fore last year kind of confirmed that Vice City will be seen prominently in GTA 6. Now, it is being said that players will get to explore another location (along with Vice City) when the game is launched.

A GTA 6 leaker named Tyler McVicker, who is known to be quite reliable, made some claims about the game during a live stream that took place on May 31. McVicker has stated that it is quite easy to figure out how GTA 6 will conclude as its protagonists are said to be modern-day avatars of Bonnie and Clyde.

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McVicker, after making the aforementioned statement, went on to share some interesting information about the game. According to the leaker, players will get to witness a time jump in the game. Along with Vice City, the game will explore several areas in and around Florida, Miami and Cuba.

The leaker further stated that the game will revolve around the drug trade and bank robberies. They also claimed that the game will be out next year. If his claims turn out to be true, there will be a lot for players to explore with GTA 6.

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