GTA Online 2 Might Have a Contemporary Look and Feel

GTA Online Update

Most gamers look for certain elements like speed, convenience and high-end visual aesthetics while playing a game. This is one thing Rockstar Games might keep in mind while developing GTA Online 2!

When Rockstar Games launched Grand Theft Auto Online in 2013, it might not have anticipated the game to get such a tremendous amount of success. In these ten years, the online game has gone from strength to strength and managed to build a loyal fan base for itself. In a decade, the digital landscape has undergone a massive change. The next GTA Online, therefore, should be quite different from the original.

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As per reports, GTA Online 2 will give players the opportunity to explore elements of online shopping. There are countless online shopping platforms in the world today. A large number of successful businesses, in fact, have been based on the e-commerce model. In such a scenario, Rockstar doesn’t want to be left behind and discusses it in different ways throughout the game.

The world of online shopping, despite growing rapidly over the years, has also been mired in controversies. From the harsh working conditions in which employees work to the kind of strategies these companies come up with to get the consumer addicted to the experience of shopping online, a lot has been said about the perils of buying things online. Rockstar might use some of these elements to weave an engaging narrative across the game.

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The next GTA Online game might also give players a bigger opportunity to buy in-game items conveniently. Apart from taking a dig at online shopping, Rockstar is also expected to make some profits out of e-commerce methods itself. The gaming company seems to be operating on the idea of making real-world objects or elements available in the game and perhaps, presenting them in a slightly exaggerated manner.

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