Grand Theft Auto 6 Release Might Get Postponed To 2026; Here’s Why

Grand Theft Auto 6 release

If the observations of an industry analyst prove to be accurate, Grand Theft Auto 6 will get a release in 2026!

After a long wait, fans were finally treated to the trailer of Grand Theft Auto 6. The first official trailer of the game, which dropped in December last year, was received very well by fans and was seen by millions of people across the world. At the moment, the trailer has 188 million views. While the trailer continues to be discovered by gamers, the ones who saw it as soon as it came out, keep revisiting it too.

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After the launch of the trailer, the one thing everybody has been wanting to know is when the full-fledged Grand Theft Auto 6 release will happen. While Rockstar Games has stated the game will be released sometime in 2025, one has come across several theories contradicting this statement.

A recent report published by has brought a twist to the tale. After having a look at a financial report recently published by Rockstar Games’ parent company Take-Two Interactive, an industry analyst has stated that there is a possibility of the much-awaited game not releasing in 2025. As per the analyst, the game will hit the stores in 2026.

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The GTA 6 trailer has made it clear that it is a game that has been mounted on a huge scale. The game has been in the development process for years. With GTA 5 turning out to be one of the most successful gaming titles of all time, Rockstar Games wants to leave no stone unturned to ensure GTA 6 lives up to the mammoth expectations the gaming community has from it. While the gaming studio is aware of the fact that fans are keenly looking forward to the arrival of GTA 6, it would not want to put out something that does not meet expectations.

If GTA 6 indeed gets delayed and released in 2026, Take-Two Interactive will bear the brunt of it. The company has its own plans and financial goals to achieve. If the game is not released next year, some of its plans might get disturbed. On the brighter side, a delay would inadvertently result in fans getting a more polished product.

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