Grand Theft Auto 6: Rockstar Games Could Explore Water Physics With The Much-Awaited Game

GTA 6 Leak

An interesting feature that is rumored to be a part of Grand Theft Auto 6 could lead to the game taking giant strides into water physics.

A recent leak pertaining to Grand Theft Auto 6 that came to the fore on Twitter pointed towards Rockstar Games exploring the principles of water physics in a big way with Grand Theft Auto 6. The gaming publisher introduced several innovative techniques and forms with its earlier titles and is expected to do the same with GTA 6. Apart from improved gameplay and a more immersive narrative, fans also expect GTA 6 to do a few things which no other game has done so far.

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The last major release by Rockstar Games was Red Dead Redemption 2 which came out way back in the year 2018. While fans await the gaming publisher to share some important updates on GTA 6, they are absorbing all the information that is coming to the fore via leaks and rumors.

AleixVenturas, a prominent Rockstar Games insider, recently shared some important plans the gaming company’s engineering team has for Rockstar’s own RAGE engine. When you are planning to introduce players to a game that has been mounted on a scale never seen before, you have to plan everything meticulously. A lot of time and effort goes into putting together the design technology. According to Venturas, the RAGE engine is getting pumped up with water simulation physics.

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As per the leak, the implementation of the aquatic feature will elevate the quality or visual appeal of water in games significantly. If this feature actually becomes a part of GTA 6, it will pave the way for this feature to be implemented in other popular games as well. Games like Sea of Thieves and Subnautica, which are highly driven by water-based visuals, will greatly benefit from this feature.

The RAGE engine, in the past, had played a very important role in liquid simulation in games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA 5. Fans were hugely impressed by the level of responsive water physics witnessed in these games. One expects this engine, which has been developed in-house by Rockstar, to add a lot of value to GTA 6.

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