Grand Theft Auto 6 Touted To Be The Most Expensive Game To Be Made In History

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While the games in the GTA franchise have all been mounted on a huge scale, Grand Theft Auto 6 might have an edge over all the games that have come out of the gaming industry so far!

Grand Theft Auto 6 is all set to be the most expensive game to come out of the gaming industry. While Cyberpunk 2077, Destiny, Halo 2, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Dead Space 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 are some of the most expensive games that have been released so far, the overall cost of developing GTA 6 is expected to be higher than any title in gaming history. At least, that’s what a popular gaming YouTuber has claimed.

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While Rockstar Games has not commented on the costs or finances involved in GTA 6, one has always known that this would not be an inexpensive game to develop. As far as video games are concerned, the longer it takes for one to develop them, the more expensive they become. Apart from the development process, money goes into several other things, including marketing the game and distributing it worldwide through the right channels.

This particular update about GTA 6 emerging as the most expensive game ever has been shared by INTER, a gaming YouTuber who is quite regular with his posts or uploads. In a recently uploaded video, the YouTuber claims that the total cost of developing the game has been pegged at 250 million dollars and there is a good chance of the overall costs going higher than that. When marketing and other costs are accounted for, the YouTuber states, the budget of the game will be higher than one billion dollars.

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Given the kind of success GTA 5, GTA Online and many other games developed by Rockstar have witnessed in the recent past, pumping in money would not be an issue for the gaming publisher. INTER has pointed out that Rockstar would be in trouble if the game does not live up to the kind of expectations fans have from the game. However, given the kind of time and effort Rockstar is putting into developing GTA 6, it should have yet another winner to its credit.

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