Grand Theft Auto Online Announces The Arrival of New Judgement Day Adversary Mode

GTA Online

This week, Grand Theft Auto Online players received a pleasant surprise in the form of a new update.

Players will now get to experience the all-new Judgement Day Adversary Mode in the game. Using this particular mode, multiple players can create teams of Riders and gang up against Hunted. The mode has certain aggressive elements to it and is described as a ‘kill-or-be-killed’ by many. This mode gives players the opportunity to earn double rewards throughout the week.

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Rockstar Games posted a tweet confirming the launch of this mode. The month-long Halloween event kicked off on October 6 with the inclusion of the new Adversary Mode. There will be two teams, namely Riders and Hunted, which will be competing against each other.

Players, who become a member of the Riders team, will look for Hunted on an LCC Sanctus. During this search, they will have a bunch of useful items at their disposal, including extra speed, extra health, stone hatchet, and a double barrel shotgun. Riders will have certain special abilities like heartbeat sense and thermal vision. When they get very close to their Sanctus, they will also get special health regeneration abilities.

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Players, who choose to be on the side of the Hunted, will come across weapons on the map; that can be found and picked up quite easily. In case any of the members of the Hunted group falls, they can be resurrected by knocking off a Rider. However, one should not attempt this towards the final moments of the game.

The Hunted is now allowed to come very close to the Rider. If they try to do so, they will catch fire. Hunted’s primary task is to find ways to survive till dawn breaks in. The arrival of this new Adversary mode has definitely made the game more adventurous.

Players stand to earn 2X GTA$ and RP when they choose to try out the Judgement Day Adversary Mode in this particular week. If a player manages to win all three rounds, they will get a bonus of GTA$300,000.

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