GTA Online Player Succeeds In Driving Vehicle Inside A Store

GTA Online Update

An open-world game gives you the opportunity to explore or discover something new every time you play it.

Weird situations and quirks are a part of every open-world game. Sometimes, these bugs, if worked around well, can help you get ahead in the game. Some of the glitches add to the fun of playing the game. One such glitch was observed in Grand Theft Auto Online recently.

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Recently, a GTA Online player succeeded in their attempt to get their vehicle inside a store. The various stores that one comes across in GTA Online are considered to be quite safe. While some griefers engage in mischievous activities, one would hardly expect anything to go wrong in these areas.

Reddit user ANIMEGA468 posted a video that featured them along with another player being stuck inside a store selling clothing items. When GTA Online players had a look at this video, they wondered how the two of them got inside the locked store.

Getting the car retrieved wouldn’t have been a very difficult task. However, the player was in the mood to have some fun. The player went ahead and gave a demonstration to them entering the building. They did so after commenters made it visibly clear about being confused over the recently occurring incident.

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When you go through the second clip, you see them moving them car through the store’s entrance. In the clip, we can see the two doors being pinned down. The car collides with the doors when ANIMEGA468 tries to get inside. The vehicle suffers from a jolt and ends up landing on the roof placed towards the center of the store. The player managed to flip back the car and drive it around for some time.

It’s an interesting trick but the kind that would work only with smaller-sized cars. If a car collides with another heavy object for a very long time, it could result in the car suffering from an explosion. Once you get inside, it would be very difficult to ensure the car gets lodged back in the garage.

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