Grand Theft Auto Online YouTuber Stumbles Upon Casino Based Solo Money Glitch

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When it comes to popular glitches in Grand Theft Auto Online, money glitches top the list.

This should not come as a surprise to anybody as it is a well-known fact that GTA Online largely comprises players who are driven by the idea of making money.

GTA Online offers players multiple ways to make money. While some of these methods are within the boundaries of the laws in the game, many of the money-making processes are not really legitimate. The amount of money players manage to make in the game is also dependent on whether they know how to exploit glitches to their advantage or not.

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Recently, a prominent YouTuber who goes by the name SkyPs4Gamer unearthed an easy solo glitch that gives players a window to make a lot of money in little time. His discovery should make the game further exciting for those who play it with the hope of minting some money.

To use this glitch to their advantage, players are required to alter the settings before launching the game. This is the key to exploiting the glitch and making some money. Individuals, playing the game on any console, can use this glitch to their advantage. In the aforementioned video, this glitch has been explored on the PlayStation 5. However, the user has confirmed that it works on every console out there. Regardless of which console you play this game on, you have to follow the same steps.

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In the aforementioned video, the user states that gamers will have to enter the network settings. After that, they will have to navigate their way through the internet settings and ensure it is on LAN mode.

After this, they need to look for DNS settings and put it on manual mode. Now, they will get to see sections in the form of primary and secondary settings. The primary DNS setting should be and the secondary DNS setting should be

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Once the players hit ‘done’, their console will get disconnected from the internet but after a few seconds, they will get connected again. After carrying out these steps, players will be required to step in to a GTA Online session.

Once they join a session, players will have to visit the Diamond Casino and find a seat for themselves around the roulette table placed in the white area. If a player already owns a VIP table, they could sit closer to it.

In the casino, players are expected to put all their chips in red and begin the process of gambling. If they emerge as winners, they will take home $50,000. To ensure this glitch works in their favor, they will have to stand up after securing a win and make some changes in their overall appearance.

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The orange load symbol is expected to appear at the bottom right corner of the screen of the player. After getting seated, they can repeat this process. If the player doesn’t win, the game will get disconnected on its own.

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