Xbox Live Users Are Not Getting To Play Digital Games On The Platform

Xbox Live

A large number of players have confirmed that they are facing some issues while trying to access digital games on Xbox Live.

Players started experiencing these problems during this weekend and till now, no solution has been provided.

Before this problem came to the fore, there was another issue that users had to deal with. A lot of the content on streaming apps like Disney+ and Netflix was inaccessible for close to four hours. Though the issue was quite big, it was solved in some time. Shortly after this, the Xbox Live issue emerged.

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Users, at the moment, are not able to buy digital games from the Xbox marketplace. They have also been unable to purchase these games from start-up sessions via Cloud Gaming. Nobody has any clarity on what has given rise to these issues.

Even players, who had digital games already downloaded on the platform or had access to an Xbox Game Pass title, are not able to launch their games. Though the issue has not yet been resolved, anxious gamers found some relief when the official @XboxSupport Twitter account rolled out a confirmation stating that the team is investigating the issue and taking effective steps to get the issue resolved.

There was a point when @XboxSupport stated that the issue was resolved. However, the fix seemed to be temporary as the official account, after three hours, posted another tweet to acknowledge the fact the problem had resurfaced. Players have confirmed that they are still not able to launch cloud gaming sessions. Since the company hasn’t offered a timeline around which the issue is expected to be fixed, players have no option but to keep checking its social media pages to keep a tab on the situation.

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Fans can visit the Xbox support website to see the latest Xbox live status and keep themselves informed about the different issues pertaining to the gaming platform and the subscription offered by it. The good news is that a majority of functions or services are still operational. Multiplayer gaming is working, and so is the social activity on the platform.

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