Halo Infinite: 343 Industries Drops A Hint About The Return Of Classic Halo Maps

halo infinite

Several factors contributed towards Halo Infinite having an underwhelming launch.

While the game has been criticized for multiple reasons, a bunch of Halo fans, who have been loyal to the franchise, wish for it to do well. Halo boasts of a rich legacy and a large number of players, across different age groups, have some wonderful memories of experiencing this multiplayer gaming franchise.

343 Industries seems to be well-aware of the fact that nostalgia has played an important role in keeping this franchise alive. Because of this reason, the creative team has introduced various elements from time to time with an aim to evoke the memories of the players. Now, the gaming publisher’s head of creative has dropped a hint about the company making further attempts to make players feel nostalgic.

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Joseph Staten, who has played an important role in shaping up the original Halo trilogy, is serving as the head of creative for Halo Infinite. He has been known to be somebody who always tries to think of ways in which the game can grow further. He is guiding the team at Microsoft and 343 Industries towards taking the game in a definitive direction.

Staten was a part of the Kinda Funny Xcast that was aired recently. The host Parris Lilly asked him as to why 343 Industries was not getting back classic Halo content while one waits for new content updates pertaining to Halo Infinite. While one wouldn’t expect Staten to give a clear answer to this question, he did offer a response and it took everyone by surprise.

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Staten responded to the question by first stating that he finds many of the classic Halo maps to be “awesome”. He further stated that it would be “awesome to play on those maps again.” Though he didn’t offer any kind of confirmation, he did say that it would be a “fun thing” to bring back the classic Halo maps. He also stated that he would write about this “possibility” in his notebook.

This entire discussion about getting classic Halo maps back in the game is not really new. Fans have been making this particular demand for long and Staten and other key members working on the game in 343 Industries must have heard about it. Though Staten has not made a commitment about bringing the maps back, his interest in it has definitely made fans hopeful.

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