GTA 4 and GTA 5 Might Arrive On Netflix Games Soon

Rockstar Games

Though Rockstar Games has not given any confirmation, the success of GTA Trilogy on Netflix Games could result in more GTA titles being made available on the platform soon!

Netflix Games, which was launched in the year 2021, has managed to build a strong consumer base for itself. A large number of gamers, from different parts of the world, find some of their favourite gaming titles featured on the platform and therefore, subscribe to it in order to gain access to these titles. Netflix Games has also played a key role in increasing the subscriber base of Netflix.

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Strauss Zelnick, who serves as the CEO of Rockstar Games’ parent company Take-Two Interactive, recently spoke about the company’s plans to have a larger number of GTA games on Netflix Games. The company is moving towards this direction after witnessing the humungous success of the GTA Trilogy on the platform.

After featuring the GTA Trilogy games on its platform, Netflix Games saw a significant jump in its user base. According to the data compiled by the company, players using iPhone 14 Pro Max have been the most active when it comes to trying out the GTA Trilogy games on Netflix Games. Given the kind of response these games have received on the platform, fans are curious to know about the next GTA games that will be arriving on Netflix games.

Though nothing has been officially confirmed as yet, there is a strong possibility of some of the older GTA titles like GTA 4 and GTA 5 arriving on Netflix Games in the near future. While GTA 5’s popularity has been on a constant rise over the last ten years, GTA 4, too, has its set of loyal fans. Netflix Games would definitely benefit tremendously by hosting these games. If Rockstar had plans to make GTA 6 available on Netflix Games, making GTA 4 and GTA 5 available on the platform would be a good start.

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During a recent earnings call, Strauss Zelnick stated that the launch of the GTA 6 trailer has had a very positive effect on the sales of existing GTA titles. According to Zelnick, a huge number of players have subscribed to Netflix Games to play the GTA Trilogy games after the launch of the GTA 6 trailer. Since the trailer of GTA 6 continues to make news, it might just be the right time to make GTA 4 and GTA 5 available on Netflix Games.

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