Ubisoft CEO Believed GTA 6 Launch Will Benefit The Video Game Publisher; Here’s Why

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Yves Guillemot is of the firm belief that the GTA 6 launch will bring glad tidings for the entire gaming industry.

While one knows that Grand Theft Auto 6 will be launched sometime in 2025, fans have not been provided with a specific date as yet. At the moment, one does not even know if Rockstar Games has finalized a date for GTA 6 launch. While there is still a lot of ambiguity around the release date of GTA 6, what one knows for sure is that the game will break several records as and when it releases. The success of GTA 6, which is quite certain, will not just benefit Rockstar Games. It will have a positive effect on the gaming industry as well.

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According to Yves Guillemot, who serves as the CEO of Ubisoft, the success of GTA 6 will have a positive impact on the French video game development company. As the CEO of Ubisoft, Guillemot is closely involved in putting together business plans for the gaming titles the company rolls out. Guillemot believes GTA 6 launch will take place sometime after March next year.

Guillemot recently stated that the release of a big gaming title is an extremely important occasion for the gaming industry. If a major game, which was awaited by fans for a long time, becomes a massive success, it benefits the gaming industry as a whole.

According to Guillemot, the gaming industry sees a boost in its sales and a larger number of people become a part of its consumer base after the launch and success of a big gaming title. Guillemot further stated that Ubisoft and other video game producing companies witnessed a spike in its sales shortly after titles like GTA 5 and GTA Online were launched in the past. He believes that a similar effect will be seen once GTA 6 releases.

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While there is merit in what Guillemot says, some gaming experts would have a different take on it. When a much-awaited game is scheduled to release, one does not see other, smaller titles releasing around the same time. Gaming companies try to avoid a clash and believe that releasing a game alongside a keenly awaited game, which also happens to be a part of a very popular franchise, does not make good business sense. Because of this, most video game companies refrain from releasing any game around this period.

The GTA 6 launch, whenever it takes place, will be grand. It has, arguably, been the most awaited gaming title of recent times. The first official trailer, which was rolled out in the month of December last year, further raised the expectations around the game. The kind of effect it has on the gaming industry is something one will get to know once it finally comes out.

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