GTA 4 Map Gets Remastered In Grand Theft Auto 5

GTA map

The remastered GTA 4 map features next-gen graphics and looks very impressive!

Rockstar Games canceling their plans to come up with a remastered version of Grand Theft Auto 4 left the fans feeling quite upset. The GTA 4 community, however, keeps coming up with new mods to satisfy their curiosity. A YouTuber, who identifies themselves as Digital Dreams, has now shared their take on the Liberty City map in GTA 5. The graphical wizardry by the YouTuber has offered players a new way to play GTA 4 this year.

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GTA 4 was launched way back in 2008. While the game still has its share of loyal fans, one cannot deny the fact that the graphics in the game look a little dated when compared to the kind of graphics you see in games released in the recent past. When one uses post-processing tools like ReShade to make a few changes to the game, it looks much more modern and sleek.

Given the fact that GTA 6 is not releasing anytime this year, this is a good time to revisit a GTA title. The video, put together by Digital Dreams, offers a glimpse of a ReShade preset designed for GTA 5. As per the details given out in the description, the YouTuber has taken the help of ray tracing to ensure the lighting comes across as realistic. As one can see in the video, 4K textures have been used extensively as well.

While the skybox has a realistic look and feel to it, Digital Dreams has also worked on highlighting the different times like daytime, sunset and nighttime. The weather conditions, too, have been specified. During the nighttime, the lights appear to be more prominent. Some players, as reflected by the comments, feel that the YouTuber went slightly overboard with the puddles. ReShade, however, is a customizable application and therefore, one can fix this by making certain adjustments to the preset.

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