GTA 4 Unreal Engine 5 Trailer Manages To Impress Fans

gta 4 remaster

The fan-made Unreal Engine 5 trailer has strengthened the demand for a re-mastered version of GTA 4!

The first official trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 was unveiled in December last year. The trailer, which had been looked forward to by the entire gaming community for a long time, managed to impress fans and that must have been a reason for delight for Rockstar Games.

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While the GTA 6 trailer has left a solid mark, that was quite expected as the trailers for GTA games have never really disappointed. The quality of the trailers of GTA games released in the past can be gauged by the fact that fans continue to revisit them today.

Being the current GTA game, the GTA 5 trailer continues to generate views. However, one must also put in a special word for the trailer of GTA 4 which was released way back in the year 2007. Despite being a 16-year-old trailer, it still packs a punch and makes for a highly engaging watch.

A fan-made trailer, which dropped recently, offers a glimpse into how the game could look like if it is produced using Unreal Engine 5. As a concept trailer, it leaves a solid mark and leaves you wanting for more. Though GTA 4 was a good success, many fans believed the game did not get the kind of hype or accolades it truly deserved.

As soon as this concept trailer, GTA fans started talking about it in various online forums. Going by the discussions and comments on these forums, one can assume that most fans are very satisfied with the way this fan-made trailer has been put together. It has also led to the demand for a re-mastered version of GTA 4 getting intensified.

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Since several years have passed since the launch of GTA 4, presenting it in a new avatar for today’s generation of gamers is an idea Rockstar could explore. While one understands that most of Rockstar’s energies are currently directed towards developing GTA 6, putting together a re-mastered version of GTA 4 in the future could enable it to reap rich dividends as well.

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