GTA 5 AI Mod Pulled Down By Lawyers From Take-Two Interactive

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The creator of the mod has expressed his disappointment over this incident!

Lawyers, representing Rockstar Games’ parent company Take-Two Interactive, recently got an AI mod taken down. A couple of days back, one had heard about the Sentient Streets mods designed for GTA 5 that used AI technology to have conversations for free with NPCs.

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A copyright claim put forward by Take-Two Interactive has now made the NexusMods listing of the game and a YouTube video featuring its gameplay made unavailable. Now, when you check, you realize Sentient Streets cannot be downloaded.

Through a statement issued via YouTube, Bloc has stated that the YouTube video, along with the installation guide on Netlify, were taken off by Take-Two Interactive without any prior warning. After this, as per Bloc, the mod was removed from NexusMode. This happened because of a DMCA takedown initiated by the lawyers hired by Take-Two Interactive. Being a GTA fan all these years, Bloc said that he was disheartened by this move by Take-Two.

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According to Bloc, Take-Two opted for a “non-communicative approach” and that was something he had a problem with. He stated that his mod has been pulled down because of copyright issues but there are countless videos on YouTube that feature content from GTA titles and other games spawned by Rockstar. Bloc says that it was an unwarranted “attack” on him and something of this sort cannot be justified.

In his defense, Bloc further stated that he had made the mod available for free and therefore, was not going to get any monetary benefit out of it. He further stated that voices or any other material from GTA 5 was not used in the mod. He also expressed concerns over the work of content creators being at risk because of large corporations engaging in such unreasonable practices.

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