Red Dead Redemption: Fans Put Across Grievances As Game Releases On PlayStation 5

Red Dead Redemption

While fans were eagerly waiting for Red Dead Redemption to drop on PS5, its arrival hasn’t pleased them as much as they would have expected it to!

When Red Dead Redemption launched in 2010, it created quite a stir in the gaming industry. The action-adventure game equipped with several elements one hadn’t seen in games made in this space. While fans of this genre lapped up the game immediately, it also greatly appealed to those who were not too fond of games laced with high-octane action and heavy-duty drama.

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The Red Dead Redemption port is finally available on PlayStation 5. While one would expect fans to be delighted about this, a large number of gamers are not too happy with its pricing. Those who wish to play the game on PS5 have to shell out $49.99.

Most gamers are of the opinion that the game should have been made available on PS5 at a lower price point. While the game continues to be very popular, one cannot deny the fact that it is a 13-year-old game that faces stiff competition from many new games that are in a similar space.

Some fans are so upset with the pricing that they are posting negative reviews about it on multiple platforms. One can see many such reviews on different community forums on Reddit. When one goes through these reviews, one can clearly see that the pricing of the game is what has irked the fans.

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A Redditor, who identifies themselves as Finn_Flame, posted a thread in which they spoke about some important facts pertaining to RDR releasing on PS5. In the thread, one can see Finn_Flame describing the game in a very honest manner. By describing it as a “2010 game without multiplayer”, they tried to convey that there is nothing one should get excited about.

Many fans pointed out the other reasons behind the game’s PS5 port being called expensive.  A particular gamer pointed out that the Xbox 360 version of the game can be played on any contemporary Xbox console.

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