GTA 5: Here’s How a Canceled DLC Could Have Changed The Game’s Dynamics?

GTA 5 Next Gen

Some of the DLCs designed for GTA 5, which have now been canceled, could have changed the game for the better!

Till 2023, Grand Theft Auto 5 has sold more than 190 million copies worldwide. This makes it one of the most successful gaming titles of all time. While the game has expanded its player base considerably over the last decade, many have been disappointed with the limited number of single-player expansions that have been rolled out so far.

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Rockstar Games was supposed to roll out a bunch of DLCs for GTA 5 in the past but some of them either got canceled or were redesigned as GTA Online expansions. All this information came to the fore via a recent leak. These DLCs, which didn’t make it to GTA 5, could have made GTA 5 a lot more robust.

Fans got to know about some GTA 5 DLCs getting canceled after a bunch of hackers leaked the source code for the game. During this leak, data miners stumbled upon names of single-player expansions that were not included in the game. Some of the expansions that could have truly made the game more dynamic, are Prologue DLC, Agent Trevor and LibertyV.

A YouTuber, who identifies themselves as Mors Mutual Insurance, leaked a bunch of emails that were exchanged between the heads of Rockstar Games. In these emails, the top bosses were found to be discussing the various expansions in the game in detail. The emails, among other things, made it evident that the Houser brothers were keen on putting together a lot of single-player content. The former president, however, wanted the team to channelize their energies towards growing the live service of the game. Several fans had been of the opinion that this clash of thoughts resulted in the DLCs getting put aside.

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Some of the titles indicate that the team was planning on incorporating story expansions. Since GTA 6 has already been announced, fans might not even get the opportunity to explore these story expansions now. These expansions could have also served as successors to The Lost and Damned and Ballad of Gay Tony, two popular GTA 4 expansions.

LibertyV DLC

The LibertyV DLC, which has now been canceled, indicated the possibility of the game returning to Liberty City, a fictional city that has been modeled on New York City. This particular town, as fans would be aware, was seen in the original GTA game and has made an appearance in a bunch of other GTA games like GTA 3, GTA: Liberty City Stories and the DLCs of GTA 4. Players might also have been quite happy to revisit Liberty City after a while.

Prologue DLC

The Prologue DLC was designed to serve as an expansion of the storyline that one witnessed being unfolded in North Yankton. The prologue missions in the primary game featured the main characters Trevor and Michael and their confidant Brad Snider working towards robbing a Bobcat Cash Depot. It also featured an extensive chase sequence.

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