PUBG – Update 7.1 with Vikendi Overhaul is Live Now

PUBG trailer

PlayerUnknowns’s Battlegrounds or more popularly known as PUBG has an update and the Vikendi location has also been recreated with new buildings.

The Dino Park has been renamed Dinoland and occupies a much larger area on the map. The company, PUBG Corp has released a trailer that can be watched on YouTube. It gives you glimpses of what you can expect in the game’s latest version. Trains are crisscrossing and new guns in the hands of the fighters and overall, it is excitement like never before in the game.

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Many Changes Can be Noticed

The appearance of nine trains in the new PUBG game has added a lot of speed and spice to the proceedings. Regular players of the game have observed that the development team at PUBG has gone about removing the excessive amount of snow. This is as far as the southern part of the island is concerned. The northern part still has lots of snow. You find a lot of motorbikes in the game now in place of the snowmobiles.

A new cargo depot has sprung up in PUBG. The container yard has always attracted violent shootout scenes in Hollywood movies and PUBG has borrowed that part. Obviously, the public must be liking it.

Dinoland with Lots More Fun

Dinoland, as it is called now is like any theme park and has its attractions like the Ferris Wheel and a roller coaster. As you go fighting the dinosaurs, you have plenty of buildings to hide behind and keep shooting.

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The gameplay is also more exciting through new costumes for your survivor. You can dress him up like a Dinoland employee. If you buy the Survivor Pass which is the premium offering, you can possibly dig into a few more features in the game. The missions in the game have been clubbed into four categories – season, progression, community and challenge. These can be pursued by free players also and you can win rewards. Paying players may have better tracks and higher rewards as the game progresses.

The PUBG Season 7 Trailer Gives Some Idea

The trailer video of the game set in Vikendi and Dinoland has shootouts and escapes. The trains can be seen and fast cars chasing along the train tracks. You may notice the new weapon, the Mosin-Nagant. There could be a lot of similarity between this sniper and the Kar98K that you have been seeing in PUBG all along.

If you wish to play the season 7 of PUBG on your gaming console, you will have to wait till April 28.

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