GTA 6 – What if Rockstar Decides to Introduce Player-Created Characters?

GTA 5 Rockstar

This is the season for the fans of Grand Theft Auto to do some loud thinking and come up with their own imaginative and innovative ideas for GTA 6.

The game series’ next iteration is widely expected to be released either by the end of this calendar year or early 2021. The fans of the game want the creators of the game, Rockstar Games, to offer them a more immersive game than the present GTA 5. There is no doubt that GTA 5 is still a very popular game. Rockstar and its creative team have to come up with something extraordinary for the gaming community to accept and appreciate a new version. These may include changes like allowing the players to create characters of their own. This has not been done by Rockstar so far.

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Fine Balancing Required to Ensure the Story Remains Intact

The fear the studios have is that if they let the gamers pick and choose the characters, it could lead to the dilution of the main story and the theme. Each individual will have his version of the protagonist and it may end up creating confusion. Those advocating this new feature refer to another RPG game, Mass Effect, which has characters created by the players but the interest in the game has not diminished. The general commentary is that the studio that controls that game has handled it well.

GTA 6 Online

Something similar is being expected out of Rockstar in GTA 6. There can be tweaks to ensure that the new characters created by the players don’t fall out of the game’s theme in terms of the clothes they wear or the weapons they use, etc. One main outcome could be the level of interest in the game will increase and the players could spend more time in the game. This is the final objective of the studio and the publisher as well.

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The Single Player vs. Multiplayer Debate

Players have been enjoying the multiplayer facility in GTA Online and they would want that to be carried to the GTA 6 edition as well. Players look for certain variety while playing the game and to shirk off the monotony. This is well understood by the studio as well; that is why the DLCs and fresh packs are regularly developed and introduced. Player fatigue is a known issue and for games like GTA 5 to have remained on top of the charts speaks volumes of the dynamism the game already has.

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