GTA 5 on Android: Gamers Can Try Out The Game On Mobile Via Emulation

GTA 5 on Android

While the emulation of the game has fascinated fans, one does not expect Rockstar Games to be too happy about it!

Last year, in September, GTA 5 completed a decade of its release. A decade later, GTA 5 on Android has been made possible. In these 10 years, the game has broken several records and emerged as one of the most successful gaming titles of all time.

Apart from its engaging narrative, the 2013-released game has received a lot of appreciation for its immersive visuals. The game was recently emulated on Poco F3 which has been powered by a Snapdragon 870. On the device, the game operated on 25-30 FPS.

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While many players were fascinated to see this, some complained about it being a little slow. For faster speed, players can emulate the game on Snapdragon 7+ Gen 2 and play it at 40-50 FPS. This particular information was shared by a gamer on Reddit. Fans should know that the process of emulating the game on a smartphone is not very simple. One has to first root the smartphone and ensure Mobox Esync, the emulator, works properly.

GTA 5 is finally playable on our phones, on a SD870 no less, this is a moment in history
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While one is in the initial stage of emulation at the moment, this is a good reason for the Android emulation community to feel cheerful. For GTA 5 fans, too, this is a moment worth celebrating. As technology develops further, one believes it will get a lot easier for fans to emulate GTA 5 on Android devices and run it without facing any kind of hindrance.

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While fans are quite happy to see all these emulation practices taking place, there is a good possibility of Rockstar Games taking legal action against those who are indulging in these activities. Emulation, more often than not, results in games getting pirated and gaming studios losing out on a lot of revenue.

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