GTA 6 Details Emerge As GTA 5 Source Code Gets Leaked Online

GTA 5 Source Code

The leaked source code of GTA 5, apart from offering some details on GTA 6, solidifies the claims of Bully 2 being in the making.

When a gaming studio is in the midst of developing a much-awaited game and a security breach happens, it causes them a lot of stress. For the longest time, one kept coming across rumors and leaked information about Grand Theft Auto 6. Now, Rockstar Games is dealing with another major problem. The GTA 5 source code has been leaked online.

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The leaked GTA 5 source code comprises a variety of data and material including a file belonging to Bully 2, a rumored sequel to Bully which came out in the year 2016. A large number of GTA fans identify Bully as the game which released between GTA: San Andreas and GTA 4. It was also known to have a gameplay that was designed similarly to that of GTA: San Andreas and GTA 4. The action-adventure game, however, had a different setting and featured a bunch of new quests, activities and characters.

Despite being released way back in 2006, the game continues to be relevant today. Since the game was a hit, fans were expecting Rockstar Games to design a sequel for it. For a long time, there had been rumors about the gaming studio developing Bully 2. Rockstar, however, never addressed these rumors. Now, this leak suggests that the gaming studio might have been working towards developing the game for quite some time.

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Apart from giving an indication of Bully 2 getting developed, the leak features an early map for GTA 5. There also seems to be a script that confirms that GTA 6 was once being developed under the codename ‘Project Americas’.

A YouTuber, who identifies themselves as SKizzleAXE, uploaded a screenshot of the code. This screenshot confirmed that there has been a leak. A fan, referred to as the ‘Agent’, ended up sharing some leaked code along with the pictures of the RAGE engine on X.

At the moment, there is no information on how this leak came about. A few things do point towards the code being leaked on the popular instant messaging platform Discord. According to recently surfaced rumors, the entire code has been traded between a bunch of people since the year 2022. Apart from causing embarrassment to Rockstar, this leaked code could also lead to GTA 6 getting delayed. The gaming studio would be praying for such an incident to not happen in the future.

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