GTA 6 Fans Find a New Clue, Ready to Hunt Some Easter Eggs?

GTA online solo heist

Rockstar is not giving up on GTA 5 yet but that doesn’t mean they are not working on GTA 6.

After all, these games take many years to be developed and we know for sure (gut feeling!) that a title is in the making. The newly released teaser for GTA Online holds some clues and ardent fans seem to have found something from these clips.

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GTA Online is huge, so huge that they are releasing new content for this 7-year-old game even in 2020. Possibly, it is going to be supported in 2021 as well on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles because why not? Players couldn’t get enough of it which is why a brand new location is being added to the game along with an exciting new CayoPerico heist. Players would be able to immerse themselves in this new world that Rockstar has created but there is more to it than what meets the eye.

For keen fans, everything is an Easter egg and finding one related to GTA 6 is a dream come true for many, including us! In the eagle eye’s view of the terrain, there is a windy road and it bears lots of resemblance to GTA VI. The shape of the road has been designed in such a way that it marks the word 6 in roman numerals and if that isn’t proof enough, we really couldn’t come up with much. After all, they are working on the game and these are some light teasers that will slowly build-up to the big reveal in the near future.

Building GTA 6 for Xbox Series X and PS5

The entire future of the Grand Theft Auto VI game relies on the power RDNA 2 has to offer on the next-generation consoles. They are more than capable of handling ray tracing, improved textures and most importantly are super fast made possible by the SSDs on the inside. Everything combined with the 4K resolution could easily make GTA VI one of the immersive, highly varied and an absolute monster that we are looking forward to on the next console generation.

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Rockstar has already proven the level of perfection they could achieve with Red Dead Redemption 2. While the game looks extremely good on PCs, the ageing consoles couldn’t keep up but it will not be the case with the newest consoles in town.

GTA Online will receive the CayoPerico heist update on December 15th, just in time for the holidays and everyone will be able to go onboard to enjoy this experience the developers offer. There are over 100 new songs scheduled to be added to the radio, making it more fun to simply drive your car around all day long in GTA 5.

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