GTA 6 has a Strong Rival, Everywhere Coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X Earlier

GTA 6 concept maps

Rockstar Games is known for taking years before they launch one of their new games but they continue to rake in millions with most of their recent launches.

GTA V is still popular on all major platforms but GTA 6 will be a long way from an actual release. The delay is being made good use of their direct rival Everywhere and there is a story behind this competition.

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Rather than being direct industry competitors like Ubisoft and Electronic Arts, the rivalry comes from the game studios. Build a Rocket Boy Games is a new studio formed by a team that originally worked in Rockstar Games and was also part of some of the big launches including GTA 5 as well as Red Dead Redemption 2. They want to make sure they make use of the empty market with fewer game titles but next-generation consoles readily available now. Their new title Everywhere will get launched on the newly available next-generation consoles including the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Built on Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine is once again the savior on the next-generation consoles as it enables game developers to push the limit on their titles. Everywhere will make better use of the game development engine and deliver an exciting new title if the information we have received so far remains true. It is a sandbox game that will directly rival the likes of GTA VI. Besides, it will also be contesting against all the popular games Rockstar has to offer. They have always been a brand that focuses on open-world titles and this new game from the team will focus on the same aspect.

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The team is led by Leslie Benzies, who was previously the Rockstar North President and some of the team members hail from Take Two. The entire team is confident that with the skills they have acquired over the years, they will be able to deliver a true sandbox experience. Everywhere is a new game that has been built on Lumberyard Engine, one from the Amazon but it is not supported by the next-generation consoles.

They confirmed in their official blog that Everywhere will be built on Unreal engine now so that it works on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles, just as GTA 6 would whenever it gets launched on these platforms. It is to be seen how the game becomes a serious competition to one of the cult classic hits in the video game industry.

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