GTA 5: The Absence of Kids in the Game Rankles Many; Fans Float Their Own Theories

GTA 5 debate

The Grand Theft Auto (GTA) franchise has been designed in such a way that there are no non-adult characters included in the gameplay.

This has been the practice all along and now some players have noticed it and wish to know why. Some players are trying to offer some simple explanations while others add their own spin. It becomes another subject for online discussion forums to debate. The reference is also made to the game Bully which the same studio Rockstar Games has developed in which children are featured.

It’s a High Crime Game; No Place for Kids in it

The basic theme upon which the Grand Theft Auto game is built is high crime like theft, drug running and other activities. Much of the game has the police chasing the criminals. Where is the place for kids in such settings? If the developers just added them as people walking on the streets of Los Santos, you may have speeding cars hit some of them. Would that be accepted?

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Los Santos is the imaginary city built with Los Angeles in mind. Those demanding the inclusion of kids throw up this argument that in any normal city, you will have children. So why not in Los Santos? Incidentally, the Liberty City of GTA 4 did not have any children either.


The Bully Connection

Bully, is a video game in the same action-adventure genre and is centered around a school, the Bullworth Academy. Rockstar does not hide the connection between Bully and GTA. If you have played Bully, you would have observed some of the cars from GTA making appearances in Bully. There are other links as well. Bully has children, in fact, 65 of them and the students are studying in the Bullworth Academy. The gameplay there demands the presence of kids since the underlying theme is about bullying in schools.

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The interesting theory being floated by one of the fans of the game is that the universe for children itself is shrinking. The example being cited here is the Bullworth Academy, which has only 65 kids. In real-life situations, any public school will have a large number of students at any given time. The actual count can vary between a few hundred to a thousand and more. So, there are indeed fewer kids this theory would want you to believe.

There’s a weird philosophical theory too on why there are no children in GTA. This theory assumes that the cities represented in GTA are hell-like locations, with crime and shooting and violence. Children can only be found in heaven and not in hell!

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