GTA Online: Opportunity to Earn More In-Game Dollars; Half a Million for Just Logging In

GTA 5 online

Rockstar Games is being quite liberal again. The GTA Online game has $500,000 in in-game currency waiting for you if you login for the first time in May.

There are many players who would have been playing the game regularly and stopped for various reasons. This is an attempt by the studio to try and get them all back. Game developing studios and publishers are never satisfied with any number when it comes to players engaged in different activities in the game. The lockdown scenario has opened up an avenue for the developers to retain the interest of the players since player-fatigue can result more frequently.

Get Direct Credit in Your Maze Bank Account

If you are a regular gamer, you will know that the cash rewards inside the game are directly credited to your Maze Bank account. It does take a while. This time too, the official announcement is that the $500,000 can be claimed within seven days of your first login in the month of May 2020.

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You may recall that the developer had offered a similar bounty only a few days earlier. If you thought there must be some catch and you will have to do something else to claim this reward, banish such thoughts. You need not do any other activity to receive this reward. During the period May 1 to May 31, you should login to play GTA Online and you are richer in the game by half a million dollars.

Other Ways to Earn More $ in GTA Online

Rockstar has another handsome $500,000 reward if you set up your account with a 2-step verification process. The requirement here is the Rockstar Social Club membership of the player has to be linked to the console account they have already created.

Spend the Free Cash as You Deem Fit

Again, if you are familiar with the GTA Online game you will know how you can spend the rewards you have accumulated in your Maze Bank account. If you want to know what is trending nowadays, more people tend to be keen on buying the alien suit. This outfit is required if you wish to play the alien war inside the GTA Online game.

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An alien suit from Ammu-Nation, the virtual outlet that sells them, can set you back by $300,000 or more, but what do you care about. The free money that will be in your account within seven days will cover it quite easily. There are other interesting gameplays you may enjoy in GTA Online as well. Don’t forget, there are lots of discounts and offers still going in the game and you could spend the money on them to gain more immersive experience playing it.

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