GTA Online: Next Major Update Might Make Fans Very Happy; Here’s Why!

GTA Online

For a long time, GTA Online fans had been requesting the inclusion of a particular feature in the game. Their wish will finally come to life with the next update in the game!

GTA Online has been around for almost a decade. However, Rockstar Games continues to update it regularly. The major reason behind it, of course, is the fact that the game has gotten more and more popular with time.

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The next expansion for GTA Online, which would be made available for free, will be out towards the end of this month. This particular expansion will revolve around elements like smuggling and aerial warfare. The expansion will also mark the arrival of some important quality-of-life changes that will make the process of moving around Los Angeles far more convenient for players.

Ever since GTA Online was released in October 2013, the game has been updated and ported countless times to cater to all those players that keep coming back to the huge open world of the game to engage in exciting and innovative crimes either with or against a bunch of other players and NPCs. GTA Online’s relevance in the gaming industry can be adjudged by the fact that it has been moved across three console generations to meet the demands of the video game industry and all those players who have played an important role in making it so big.

A couple of days ago, Rockstar Games shared some information about the next major expansion to be launched on GTA Online. These details were shared through the official website of the gaming company. Players, naturally, flocked to the website in large numbers to know what they should be expecting from the new expansion.

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According to the details shared on the website, players will get the opportunity to form teams with military pilots and vets to deal with Merryweather Security, a major PMC that has been around for a very long time. The PMC, interestingly, is now working towards multiplying its operations and even interfering with other criminal operations.

To put up a fight against the private security force with evil intentions, players will become a part of a newly formed mercenary group referred to as the Los Santos Angels. They will also be participating in new jobs including conducting raids against the PMC and stealing important data and information from server farms.

Among the many long-requested features that will be added to the game includes getting the chance to select a new option for sprinting. At the moment, players are required to mash the X button or A button in order to sprint in the game. While some players are okay with this method, there are many who find this annoying. Now, players will finally have another option to choose from. The ‘hold to sprint’ option should appeal to a lot of players. After the launch of this update, players will also get the option to get their destroyed vehicles replaced through Mors Mutual Insurance.

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