GTA 5 VR is Next, Rockstar has No Plans to Let the Franchise End


Rockstar witnessed astounding success with GTA 5 like never before because the company earned billions of dollars.

The revenue is a massive number even for globally distributed Hollywood movies, books and music industry. It is not surprising to witness the rumor that GTA 5 VR is the next game in the making because the developers are not going to give up on the franchise at any cost.

While it is given that an individual team might probably be working on GTA 6 which is nowhere close to an official announcement, Rockstar partnered with Sony for PlayStation 5. The partnership was quite surprising because everyone assumed the old game is dead and it is time to adopt an entirely new one. Instead, a remastered kind of version of GTA 5 is scheduled to get launched on the next-generation PS5 console.

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Releasing a remastered Last of Us makes sense because it is a PlayStation 4 exclusive title. However, fans were hugely disappointed because they expected something huge for the next generation platform. After all, with nearly 10 teraflops or more of graphical power, the console is capable of handling amazing new open world games but Rockstar wouldn’t budget and this is the game that is going to eventually get launched on the third console to be released in the same decade.


Open World VR Title

The rumor mill is abuzz that a groundbreaking project is in the making. While there are lots of guesses and some even opine that this could be Half Life Alyx, a standalone VR game set in Red Dead Redemption or the Grand Theft Auto world, the plausibility of having GTA 5 VR seems much higher. The game being nearly seven years old now should be easy to run on a virtual reality headset. Besides, you can also push its resolution to the highest possible level and still run it on an Oculus Rift 2 or an HTC Vive Focus.

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Valve released Half Life Alyx, the VR game on the PC platform and it is considered one of the best titles of all time. Rockstar doing a similar stunt primarily because they have such a huge fan following for GTA Online and the fact that this game already has a first-person mode in PC, makes it one of the best possible fit for this open world AAA title that is being rumored.

The game is already available on all major platforms but it wouldn’t be complete until it finds its way to virtual reality headsets too, right?

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