GTA V Developer Rockstar Reportedly Working on an Open World AAA Title

Rockstar has multiple teams which work on games like GTA V, Red Dead Redemption 2 and they even came up with titles like Bully and L.A. Noire.

With such a massive fan following and a great publisher backing them up, it looks like the company has already started working on a brand new title which will be an AAA game with an open world setup.

The game titled GTA 6 is definitely in the making but there is no official statement from the company yet. When everyone expected Rockstar to make a statement right during the PlayStation 5 launch, they choose to keep things under wraps. Instead, it was a huge disappointment to witness them talking about GTA 5 yet again nearly seven years after its release. The game has already made billions of dollars but the developer is not going to give up on it easily.

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Dedicated Team for AAA Game

A dedicated team is working on an open-world game which will be completely different from Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto series. The team at Rockstar has already tried their hands at a simple school game like Bully. It wouldn’t be surprising if they come up with an entirely new world that gamers could explore on their brand new consoles.


Based on the information we have gathered so far, GTA 6 is under development by one of their primary development teams. While a major share of the Rockstar studio will be dedicated to this most anticipated title of the decade, they wouldn’t miss an opportunity to have something else on their cards.

After all, when studios like CD Projekt Red could enter the first person shooter genre with a game like Cyberpunk 2077, it is easy to determine how Rockstar wants to innovate in their expert area. Besides, the new generation consoles like Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are extremely powerful that they can support next gen open world AAA titles in 4K resolution and next to no loading times in the future.

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The title has been tentatively known as VR for Rockstar: 2020 and job openings were posted online. A virtual reality version of LA Noire is in the making based on previous claims but the new title is said to be an open world adventure. Besides, it is unclear whether this will be a VR game or a multi-platform title on the lines of GTA and RDR2 so that gamers could enjoy it on their favorite platform.

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