The Sims 5 Becomes A Victim Of Piracy

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The last thing one heard about The Sims 5 was that it was being developed under the codename Project Rene.

Since the game is in the early stages of its development process, nobody expected it to release at any time in the near future. However, now the game has been cracked and become the latest victim of gaming pirates. Some third-party groups have pirated the game and made it available for a large number of players to try out. The hackers replicated the Denuvo tokens that are required for gaining access to the game. The playtesting stage for The Sims 5 commenced on October 25.

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While there has been a lot of love for the franchise, it had to deal with some criticism as well. Many fans have been quite disappointed with the monetization practices followed in the game. There have also been complaints about the content packs in The Sims 4 that have been priced exorbitantly. The sequel to the life simulator has been in the works for a while and was keenly awaited by those who have been fans of The Sims franchise. There had been a lot of speculation around the game and fans had multiple ideas and theories on what it could offer.

Because of this leak, fans might get to know a lot about The Sims 5 in the next couple of days. As per Insider Gaming, the unencrypted prototype of the game operates on Unreal Engine. There is a good chance of Electronic Arts using Unreal Engine 5 as the platform to launch The Sims 5. The advanced rendering technology of the game should work very well for the game.

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While not much is known about The Sims 5, one expects a lot of emphasis to be on room decoration this time. Players are also likely to get several interesting customization options pertaining to room decoration. There will be an option to adjust the headboard’s shape and players will also be able to take a bed apart. With the kind of information one has received so far, there will be countless options to personalize the game.

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