GTA Online Bug: Player’s Cash and Office Set on Fire

Grand Theft Auto Online

GTA Online is a game that has been infected with bugs ever since it was launched. However, what happened recently was quite unusual.

A particular player’s in-game office, along with all the cash stored in it, was set on fire. While there is no absolute clarity on what caused this, the reason behind this incident is said to be a bug in the game.

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A couple of years ago, GTA Online introduced the concept of CEO offices in the game. Along with this, a bunch of new missions was launched. These offices, just like apartments, were considered to be a safe zone where nobody would have the opportunity to use a weapon or inflict some kind of harm upon somebody. So, when a player recently shared a screenshot of his office and cash getting burnt, it paved the way for a lot of chatter in the GTA community.

A Reddit user named liamsjtaylor shared the aforementioned screenshot with the subreddit of GTA Online. The user asked fans to share their thoughts on the screenshot and what, they think, led to this mishap. In the screenshot, one can see the player’s character standing at a point in the CEO’s office.

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One can also see the character being surrounded by piles of money lying all across the floor. As most fans would know, a player starts collecting more and more money as they complete one mission after another. As one can see in the screenshot most of the things in the office, including the money, are on fire.

Any idea how this happened? from gtaonline

As weapons are not kept in a CEO’s office, players are confused about what caused this fire. Some players are of the opinion that this fire was caused by some external factor. Guess this is one of those mysteries that will take some time to be solved.

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