GTA 6: A Leakster Might Have Just Revealed Release Date and Map of the Game

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A Redditor, who claims to have worked as an office cleaner at the gaming studio’s office, has dropped some new information about the game!

While the official trailer of Grand Theft Auto 6 offered a sneak peek into the game, it didn’t provide fans any info about the GTA 6 map or anything about the release date of the game. While fans still don’t have a clear idea about when the game will be released, what they also remain largely unaware of is the kind of locations it will have.

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During the infamous September 2022 leaks, an early build of the game came to the fore. This created a lot of excitement among fans. However, they also realized that they should not build their expectations around the game using this material as it was from an early build of the game.

At this point, any piece of information that comes around, regardless of whether it sounds authentic or not, excites GTA fans. Now, a Reddit user, who identifies themselves as Rockstarlames, claims that they worked as a cleaner at Rockstar Games and they have had a look at the huge map designed for the game. The Reddit user also claimed that the game will get an official launch in September 2025.

The Reddit user, who proclaims to be an office cleaner, claims that they saw the huge GTA 6 map in a Rockstar Games office based in London. While one is not sure about how genuine these claims are, one is pretty certain that the size of the map in GTA 6 will be huge.

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In the year 2001, GTA 3 came out and the game started a tradition of massive maps being made for the game. While GTA 6 seems to be set in Vice City, rumors indicate the possibility of the much-awaited game exploring the different regions in Central and South America.

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