The Sims 4 For Rent Expansion: Team Shares The Reason Behind The Smaller-Sized World

The Sims 4

The producer and designer of The Sims 4 For Rent expansion pack have shared their thoughts on the size of the world.

The Sims 4 For Rent expansion pack has added Tomarang, a world that is inspired by the Southeast Asian community, to the game. While it has been received quite favorably by gamers, a lot has been said and discussed about its size.

Tomarang, as most fans have already figured out, is smaller than most of the worlds that have been introduced in the game so far. Along with two neighborhoods, the game features a total of nine lots. For Rent also features the Residential Rental lot type that enables players to get lots divided into different units so that different households can occupy it. This particular feature can be used in worlds that exist outside the periphery of Tomarang.

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While giving an interview to a publication, producer Rebecca Doyle stated that the size of every world is decided by what works best for it. The producer further stated that the size gets determined while the world is being created. While putting together this particular world, the producer stated, they emphasized the build ability.

Talking about Tomarang, designer Jessica Croft stated that this particular world is very dense and a large number of Sims can be seen living on the different lots. Each of these worlds has several interesting elements that gamers can explore and spend some time discovering. As the designer stated, the vibrancy of these worlds can be best discovered when you go through them.

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As per the team, the development team put in a lot of effort to portray Southeast Asian culture in a very authentic manner. According to Croft, the team does extensive research every time a new world needs to be put together. Everything, right from the themes to the topics, is discussed in detail before they go ahead with any kind of implementation.

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