GTA 6 – A Wish List of Characters Rockstar Must Include in the Game

GTA 6 characters

Now that there’s more to believe that GTA 6 is on its way and will get released in a few months, fans are keen on guessing the lineup of characters in the game.

There are some characters in the Grand Theft Auto series that have endeared themselves to the regular players and figure in this list. If you go by the practice the studio has followed in the past, characters are resurrected from past games. In addition, many from the current version, in this case, GTA 5 are also expected to be included. Here’s a compilation of a wish list of characters for GTA 6.

Trevor Philips

Trevor Philips has been the face of GTA 5 featuring in almost all images of the game. Considering that the game is on crime and criminals, there is no point in analyzing the character beyond a point. Fans would feel elated if his character is retained in GTA 6. Trevor Philips’ voice actor Steven Ogg was in the news recently as well.

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Franklin Clinton

Franklin Clinton is another GTA 5 character that fans may be keen to play in GTA 6 too. There is a general sense that some of these characters in the existing version of the game have really contributed to the game being so successful and Rockstar is finding it difficult to release the successor.

Franklin Clinton

Tommy Vercetti

One of the reasons the character Tommy Vercetti is being suggested for GTA 6 is because the game’s location is likely to be Vice City. Vercetti had last appeared in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and hence the connection. There is, however, no hard and fast rule that Rockstar should bring this character back in GTA 6. He has a drug business and since that game was based in 1980’s that will feature in GTA 6, there’s this strong feeling he may be included as a protagonist.

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Elizabeta Torres

It has been rumored for a very long time that Rockstar will introduce a female protagonist in GTA 6, though the clamor has died down of late. Elizabeta Torres has a compelling presence on the screen and could add luster to the game. The only point to be noted is that in one of the earlier versions she was sentenced to spend 300 years in prison. It is up to the creative abilities of Rockstar to get her to play a role in GTA 6 fulfilling the wishes of the fans.

Elizabeta Torres

The wish list can be stretched to include many more names and characters. Lazlow, Carl CJ Johnson, Yusuf Amir, Toni Cipriani and Umberto Robina could all be considered as contenders. The final call stays with Rockstar and you have to wait till they make the announcement.

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